Pre-School and Pre-K

Ms. Barbara Pfluke​​

A trusted part of the Osceola community for over 35 years.  We are still providing exceptional early childhood care to multiple generations. 

Ms. Nancy Emestica
Owner/Corporate Director

Our Story 

A Family Legacy​
The original Gingerbread House Child Care Center was opened in the late 1960's in upstate New York by founder Barbara Pfluke. Her desire was to help develop strong foundations for young children. A small brown cottage that resembled a Gingerbread House became the inspiration for the name and is where she opened her doors for the first time. Returning to Florida in the early 70's to be closer to her family and get away from the long cold winters she soon found that her passion again called her to take action and the first Gingerbread House in Florida opened in Sanford, FL. After relocating to Osceola County in 1980, Gingerbread House in Buena Ventura Lakes was built with the John Young Parkway location being built a few short years later. Today Gingerbread House remains a cornerstone of Early Childhood Education in Osceola County.
The Legacy Continues.....

Growing up in the Gingerbread House, a passion for educating young children came naturally to me. Years of watching my mother and father work at creating Child Care centers that offered the highest quality and safety for children was an inspiration to me. Spending years working in other corporate environments helped prepare me to rejoin the family business after my father's passing in 2000. Together my mother and I continue to ensure that the legacy they started so many years ago will continue to flourish and provide excellent care for young children for generations to come.