Pre-School and Pre-K

Frequently Asked Questions

We are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have, listed below are some of the most common.  
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    What documents are needed to enroll my child?
    We are required to keep current medical records on file. ◦ A Physical within the last 2 years ◦ Up to date Immunizations
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    What type of food is served to my child?
    Our goal is to have the children eat and enjoy their so we serve child friendly, home cooked nutritious meals. Milk is served in cartons at both breakfast and lunch and parents may choose from Cows milk, Soy or lactaid free. Because we participate in the USDA food program we do not allow any outside food to be brought into the center.
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    How can I pay my weekly tuition? Important tuition payment information
    Enrolled families may make electronic payments only. We will accept Debit cards on the lobby swipe reader or mobile payments via parents the parents "my procare" accounts, Please note: All weekly tuition is due on Monday. Any account with an outstanding balance on Tuesday at 12:00pm (noon) will automatically be assessed a $25.00 late payment fee. Accounts with a past due balance on Wednesday morning will have services suspended until the account is brought current.
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    What if I decide to withdraw my child?
    You can withdraw your child at anytime, forms are available in the lobby. We do not hold any spots, should you decide to re-enroll and we have an available spot in the classroom a new registration fee will be required.
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    Are there opportunities for me to participate in my child's classroom or in the center ?
    YES!! We appreciate extra hands in the classroom. We have events throughout the year that we ask for volunteers for but also love to families share their talents with the children. Ask your child's teachers or the on-site /director if you are interested in signing up to help out.
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    How can I have a conference with my child's teacher?
    When discussing your child it is important that you have your child's teachers undivided attention so we ask that you complete a conference request form found in the lobby. We will set a time convenient to all during our business hours.
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    Are uniforms required or are there any additional costs I should know about?
    We do not require any uniforms for your child. We do sell T-shirts for $6.00 each. We are very hands on with our activities and children should be dressed in comfortable clothes as they will be busy and very creative during the day. Closed Toe shoes with a rubber sole are the only form of footwear allowed in the center on children. Every family will be charged an annual classroom support fee of $37.50 upon enrollment and each September there after. We do not prorate for various starting months except for August. Families who have a start date in August will be charged in September. During your child's day, they will have a rest period. We provide the cot for each child, however, a "Mat Napper" needs to be provided by the parents. This is a self-contained pillow, cushion, blanket combo that is free of any buttons or zippers. We send your child's mat napper home each Friday for you to launder and return to school on Monday. Mat Nappers are for sale in the center and are $30.00.
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    What if my child will be absent for the week?
    We offer a total of 3 weeks per calendar year at our holding rate of $40.00 of your weekly tuition per calendar year. This policy applies to all private pay as well as subsidized families. Parents must inform the director in advance of the absence so that your child's spot will not be terminated. Any full week absences over 3 will be charged at full rate.
If you have more questions please contact us.  We will do our best to respond within 24 hours however calling the center you are interested in is the quickest way to get the most current information with regards to available openings for your child. 
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